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Experience Healing at Ballantyne Advanced Chiropractic

Ballantyne Chiropractor Voted the Best of Charlotte!

Ballantyne chiropractor, Dr. Jason Usher does all that he can to help you live the healthiest life possible. "Our goal is to provide you and your family care throughout your life," he says. "We're here to offer you all the options for care you need to heal thoroughly."

Comprehensive Services
For Thorough Healing

We accept all insurance and welcome personal injury and worker’s compensation cases as well.
Because we offer a variety of services, our patients see results quickly. We’ll create a customized care plan that may include any of the following services to help you heal quickly.

  • chiropractic-care-services
  • spinal-decompression-services

From back pain to sports injuries, headaches to automobile
accidents, we’re here to help you heal naturally so you can
get back to living the life you love!