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Ballantyne Advanced Chiropractic Reviews

  • I feel great. Dr. Usher helped relieve pain that I forgot I had.
    - Matt W.
  • Everyone at Ballantyne Advanced Chiropractic is amazing! After my first visit, I felt ten years younger. I can’t recommend them enough.
    - Chris J.
  • Outstanding Service everyone was Friendly & Kind. Keep up the Great Work.
    - Chris D.
  • The best chiropractor service I have received. I will definitely return!
    - Rosena G.
  • I have relief from extreme pain for the first time in 3 weeks. The caring and professionalism exhibited today have given me hope that healing is possible. This is a caring and efficient staff whose first concern was to help me. I am so grateful.
    - Jane F.
  • Very professional and courteous staff and service.
    - Jeff H.
  • I felt pain-free and relaxed coming out of my session… enjoyed Dr. Usher’s knowledge.
    - Bettina D.
  • After my visit, I was not sore like when I visited other Chiropractors. I felt good and could move better without pain. Thank you.
    - Eric F.
  • Loved meeting you guys! Thank you, Robin, Tiffany, and Dr. Usher! Can’t wait to be there for my next visit and to continue my path to well-being with you.
    - Cynthia M.
  • Friendly staff and made me feel super comfortable.
    - Philo M.


Relief From Pain!

I have a relief from extreme pain for the first time since June 27th. The caring and professionalism exhibited today have given me hope that healing is possible. This is a caring and efficient staff whose first concern was to help me. I am so grateful.
- Jane F.

Exceptional Doctor

The capable and confident chiropractor, the multiple technique approach, the relief experienced, the staff…all so helpful, professional, personable, and knowledgeable! Two days later, I am out of the trouble and pain I was in and can’t wait to go back to this practice! I have been to other chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Usher’s approach is exceptional.
– Gwen B.

Great Experience!

What a great experience! Dr. Usher has the gift of extending warm hospitality and expertise with fun in the office! His staff is equally knowledgeable, warm and made me feel so relaxed! I am so happy I found Dr. Usher and this amazing team. Highly recommend!
- Susie B

I Felt Much Better

I felt much better after the first treatment. The office is cheerful. The staff and Dr. Usher really know what they are doing. I hobbled into their office and he knew exactly what was wrong just from my gait and posture. I have been back twice and will continue to go in for maintenance after this issue is resolved. I have been beating up my body for years. I am glad Dr. Usher and his staff are going to help me fix myself.
– Marcie B.

Looking Forward to My Next Visit

The staff did an excellent job on my first visit. The massage therapists freed up a couple of problem areas that have been plaguing me for quite a while. Looking forward to my next visit to hopefully make these changes last.
- Daniel J.

A Move in the Right Direction

The atmosphere here is fun and very relaxing. Went specifically for spinal decompression but the entire visit was a move in the right direction to solve my problems. Time will tell, but I believe if there is a solution Dr. Usher will find it.
– Denise C.

I Can't Believe How Much Better My Back Is

I have been seeing Dr. Usher and the staff now for a few weeks and I can't believe how much better my back is. After only 3 visits I felt like a different person. I love the staff and the care I have been receiving. I will recommend to anyone interested in chiropractic care.
- Heather A.

Great Experience

This is my very first Chiropractic visit ever and the experience was great. Dr. Usher is very professional and experienced. He listens and understands my problems completely. I felt immediate relief from some of the symptoms I have been experiencing after the procedure. The staff members are all very friendly and helpful as well.
– Zhu L.


I've been to many different chiropractors over the years, due to my moving around a lot, and this being a 30+ year old injury(s). This is by far the absolute best! All I can say is WOW! I can't wait for my next scheduled visit. I know that I'm finally on the road to recovery and only wish I had found you sooner!
- Joyce B.

Dramatic Improvement

Was surprised that the doctor jumped right into explaining what was causing my symptoms before assessing, but he turned out to be right and things have dramatically improved in just two visits. Very satisfied!
– Matt B.

On the Road To Recovery

Dr. Usher and his entire staff made my first visit extremely comfortable and enjoyable. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable plus they provide a great atmosphere. I am completely confident that I am on the road to a speedy recovery as I am already feeling so much relief after just one visit.
- Christy W.

More Than I Expected!

I received more treatment than I expected for my first visit…which was nice.
– John P.

Felt Right At Home!

Felt right at home when I came in. The friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff added to the experience. I've been to chiropractors in 4 states, and this was one of the best.
- Sue H.


I was impressed by the thoroughness of the visit and enjoyed meeting the doctor and his staff. I look forward to additional help with my neck and back.
– Chris C.


I felt 100% better when I left the office then I did when I walked in. I was pleasantly surprised. Then Dr. Usher and his staff recommended CryoDerm which would help with the discomfort I would possibly feel the next day after my treatment. My whole experience on this first visit made me feel welcome, it was very educational and that Dr. Usher and his staff have my best interest at heart. I definitely will be referring my friends and colleagues to Dr. Ushers practice.
- Kathleen R


I am very confident that I will be able to play golf again and soon. Thank you for what has been accomplished and what will be accomplish in the next two visits.
– Garrie Y.

Wonderful Experience!

I had a wonderful experience my first visit! The staff are very friendly and helpful. I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. I went in with so much pain, and left with relief and a sense of well being. I will definitely be back!
- Jill M.


I have been a client of Jason’s for years and when I am in pain I don’t trust anyone else. Ballantyne Chiropractic truly cares about my well being. I have referred friends and family over the years and will continue to do so.
– Marcus P.


This was my first appointment and the staff were great. Dr. Usher was fantastic. He explained everything about my treatment and gave me very helpful preventative advice. I came away feeling great. Truly great experience.
- Ilhan A.

Exceeded My Expectations!

Great first visit, exceeded my expectations. Appreciate the extra attention to creating a comfortable environment while maintaining a good flow for the client from the beginning to end of the visit.
– Todd M.

Knowledgeable And Helpful!

Dr. Usher is very knowledgeable and helpful. He has such enthusiasm for his profession and it shows! Staff is friendly and courteous. Would highly recommend! Thanks to all of you for helping me out with my back pain.
- Aleeza K.


Dr. Usher I want to reiterate my appreciation to your staff and you for all the work and time you spent on my treatment. I feel confident that your therapy and advice has put me on the path of recovery. Thanks again.
– Nick O.

Felt Like a Million Bucks

I enjoyed my first visit. They took their time. I really enjoyed the massage. I was nervous at first but after the adjustment and my massage, I felt like a million bucks!
- Pallovi

Enjoyed My First Visit!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit! Everyone involved from the receptionist to the massage, acupressure therapists and including Dr. Usher far exceeded my expectations.
– Bev S.



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