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Ballantyne Advanced Chiropractic Reviews

  • Thank you for making me feel welcome!

    -Cindy C.
  • I had a very good experience. All of the office staff were very friendly and helpful.

    -Christy R.
  • Felt welcomed by the entire office. Great first experience.

    -Patty P.
  • Wonderful visit. I enjoyed meeting all the staff. They are very courteous and efficient.

    -Pat E.
  • Happy with overall result. Look forward to make more visits to get a good massage and care of my back.

    -Aashima K.
  • You guys are great!

    -Kayla A.
  • Entire staff was knowledgeable, professional and very nice! Looking forward to my return! Thank you!

    -Natalie A.
  • Had a great first visit! Thanks to the whole staff!

    -Ruth P.
  • Everyone was great, and I feel better after the first session. I’m confident I’ve found the right place!

    -Vicki G.
  • Dr. Usher you are awesome! My neck and back feel ten times better and I had instant relief. Thanks for helping me today!

    -Natalie F.
  • After my visit, I was not sore like when I visited other Chiropractors. I felt good and could move better without pain. Thank you.

    - Eric F.
  • Very happy. Wish I had found your practice sooner!

    -Patty G.
  • Though one visit certainly didn’t solve all my problems, I can say without hesitation it was a really great beginning!! The team attended to every issue, explaining as they went. I felt so grateful for their care – friendly, professional, thorough, and so eager to provide informed relief.

    -Joyce R.
  • Great experience all around!

    - Rick G.
  • Really took their time and massage therapist was outstanding!

    -Kathy M.
  • Very grateful to have made the connection with your office.

    -Nancy H.
  • Thank you for being very friendly and I did not feel as if I was being rushed in and out the door. Thank you for your patience with me.

    -Robert M.
  • You guys are awesome!

    -David T.
  • I love going here it’s a mini spa after a long work day, puts me in a good mood every time!!

    -Melissa I.
  • Feel better than I have in a long time and it’s only my first visit! Thank you!

    -Kathy Y.
  • Felt better after the first visit. Looking forward to the others.

    -Kathy H.
  • Friendly staff and made me feel super comfortable.

    - Philo M.
  • The massage/chiropractic techniques used gave my body the release of pain and tightness that is required for my comfort. The team progressed from light to more intense pressure monitoring the level of relief as they progressed. It has been two days and the changes achieved have held. I am thrilled and will be continuing weekly to achieve a more comfortable body.
    Thanks to the team!

    - Pam M.
  • I look forward to being your patient for some time to come.

    -Bob S.
  • Professional staff and good first experience.

    -Marc A.


Great first visit. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Thanks again.
– Joe F.


By far the friendliest and most attentive staff I have ever met.
– Mela K.

Awesome Doctor!

Awesome doctor, staff and facility!
– Brent R.

Good People!

Nice staff. Good people!
Craig C.

Excellent Patient Care!

Excellent patient care. Staff was very friendly. Very hopeful for good results!
– Lisa K.


My first visit to a chiropractor, and I was very impressed! Will definitely make additional appointments and refer clients to you!
– Nancy N.

Feeling So Much Better!

I have been in search of someone to help me and I am very hopeful that I have found the right place for me. After just one visit I felt so much better. Relief that I haven’t experienced in over a month after seeing another chiropractor and a physical therapist. Very thankful that Dr. Usher and his staff combines all of the techniques that can give optimal pain relief. Especially the decompression machine. Actually looking forward to my next visit.
– Joann C.


I felt 100% better when I left the office then I did when I walked in. I was pleasantly surprised. Then Dr. Usher and his staff recommended CryoDerm which would help with the discomfort I would possibly feel the next day after my treatment. My whole experience on this first visit made me feel welcome, it was very educational and that Dr. Usher and his staff have my best interest at heart. I definitely will be referring my friends and colleagues to Dr. Ushers practice.
– Kathleen R


I am very confident that I will be able to play golf again and soon. Thank you for what has been accomplished and what will be accomplish in the next two visits.
– Garrie Y.

Wonderful Experience!

I had a wonderful experience my first visit! The staff are very friendly and helpful. I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. I went in with so much pain, and left with relief and a sense of well being. I will definitely be back!
– Jill M.


I have been a client of Jason’s for years and when I am in pain I don’t trust anyone else. Ballantyne Chiropractic truly cares about my well being. I have referred friends and family over the years and will continue to do so.
– Marcus P.


This was my first appointment and the staff were great. Dr. Usher was fantastic. He explained everything about my treatment and gave me very helpful preventative advice. I came away feeling great. Truly great experience.
– Ilhan A.

Exceeded My Expectations!

Great first visit, exceeded my expectations. Appreciate the extra attention to creating a comfortable environment while maintaining a good flow for the client from the beginning to end of the visit.
– Todd M.

Immediate Relief!

Relief almost immediate. Will be using Ballantyne Advanced Chiropractic from now on.
– Mark M.

Healthier Lifestyle!

The staff is awesome! Attentive, skilled and thorough! Thanks for helping me move closer to my goal of pain free living as well as a healthier lifestyle.
– John S.

Knowledgeable And Helpful!

Dr. Usher is very knowledgeable and helpful. He has such enthusiasm for his profession and it shows! Staff is friendly and courteous. Would highly recommend! Thanks to all of you for helping me out with my back pain.
– Aleeza K.


Dr. Usher I want to reiterate my appreciation to your staff and you for all the work and time you spent on my treatment. I feel confident that your therapy and advice has put me on the path of recovery. Thanks again.
– Nick O.

Good Experience

This was a good experience and I will return.
– Doug C.

Felt Like a Million Bucks

I enjoyed my first visit. They took their time. I really enjoyed the massage. I was nervous at first but after the adjustment and my massage, I felt like a million bucks!
– Pallovi

Enjoyed My First Visit!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit! Everyone involved from the receptionist to the massage, acupressure therapists and including Dr. Usher far exceeded my expectations.
– Bev S.

Great First Visit!

Great first chiropractic experience!
– Paula W.


I really appreciated the time the team spent with me. One word that comes to mind is thorough. The price was certainly more expensive than other options, but sometimes you pay for quality. The receptionist was very helpful of informing me what the costs would be ahead of time. Overall I was very satisfied with the team, equipment, explanation and location. I will certainly use them again. Thank you!
– Sydney S.

Left Feeling Better

Immediately felt at ease with Dr. Usher, but the experience started with Robin at the front desk who was friendly and helpful. The overall visit was great; I felt like I was listened to and I walked out feeling better.
– Robyn B

Thank You

I am writing this to thank Dr. Usher for his services over the years. When I called their office in 2003 and ended up as their first patient ever, never did I expect to receive the level of care and commitment that Dr. Usher has delivered. At that time I was recovering from a serious car accident that left me in significant pain, and over time Dr. Usher allowed me to make a full recovery. Beyond that, during my visits I was surprised to develop a strong friendship with Dr. Usher and his staff.

As the years progressed, and my back healed, I began to visit less, and recently had gone years between adjustments. After reconnecting with Dr. Usher a few months ago, I still neglected to come in and get my back taken care of, despite his prodding. With some very stressful recent occurrences, my back and shoulder area “went out” and I had extreme pain from a compressed nerve. I was so impressed that Dr. Usher saw me right away when I stopped in without an appointment, even though he was on his break. I was even more impressed that Dr. Usher made 90% of the pain go away within a few minutes.

I was in constant pain for almost two weeks, and now feel just slightly sore. I was having to take muscle relaxants and pain medications around the clock, and now am fine with just an occasional Advil. I cannot thank you enough and really appreciate your ability and friendship. Thank you so much.
– Chris Z.

Amazing patient care!!

My 7-month old son and I were in a car accident in December 2009, where we were rear-ended while at a complete standstill. I was offered medical by the insurance agency and immediately sought out chiropractic care for both my son and I. When I googled doctors in Ballantyne, Advanced Chiropractic was the first and most highly recommended in the area; and there’s a reason why. I came to my first appointment, not knowing what to expect. I had never been to a chiropractor, so I was a little nervous. But the warm demeanor from the receptionist, Kim, and the kind smile from Dr. Usher made me feel instantly at ease. I had Xrays and a private consultation with Dr. Usher, explaining exactly what happened and how I was feeling. I also brought up my son, and Dr. Usher immediately suggested I bring him in. I a little more than 15 minutes, I was educated on why I was feeling the way I was, and also about how chiropractic care was beneficial for children. I felt Dr. Usher really understood the way I was feeling, and whats better, is that I was certain I was going to feel better soon. The care I have received since then has been of a higher standard than most doctors offices. I have been going to Dr. Usher for three months now, and every time I go I feel like I’m visiting friends. They always ask about my son, who was treated by Dr. Usher, and Kim even watches him while I get adjusted. The adjustments, while I was nervous at first, give e instantaneous relief. Dr. Usher knew I was nervous and walked me through slowly, helping me through my pain. I have become so familiar with the staff, that I can call and say “Hi Kim, this is Jessy,” and she knows who I am. I call Dr. Usher “Dr. Jason,” or Dr. J for short. Its this comfortable atmosphere that makes me feel secure and welcomed. Another large part of my treatment has been massage therapy, which is provided at Advanced Chiropractic. I have never heard of massage therapy as a part of chiropractic treatment, but it has really aided in the rehab of my shoulder and back. The therapists are wonderful and always answer my questions. They, like Dr. J and Kim, are warm and intelligent, knowing why pain occurs and exactly how to treat it. Overall, my experience has been an amazing one. When I first came, my pain was so bad that Dr. Usher could hardly touch me, Now, three months later, my pain is manageable and being treated on a regular basis. The type of care you ill receive is above the rest. No matter what your schedule, no matter what your pain, Advanced Chiropractic is the place to go.
– Jessica H.

Love This Place!

I was really nervous about seeing a Chiropractor, but Dr. Usher made me feel calm and relaxed. I received wonderful care and a safe, gentle adjustment. I now see Dr. Usher once a month for maintenance and continue to feel great! The staff is very courteous and they always accommodate my scheduling needs. This is a great place!
– Kim

Highly Recommended

Dr Jason Usher is a terrific guy. He treats people with respect. I give him my highest rating. Highly recommended!
– Jane

Great Work!

Been seeing Dr. Usher for a month now and absolutely love him. the office is extremely clean and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly!
– Cooper


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